Our History

Our History

Regarding the history of this college, as per college records, it was established in 2063 B.S. with sincere efforts of some eminent educationists devoted for teacher education in Nepal. Initially, the college started three years Bachelor’s degree in education with 50 students admitted in the first year (N. R. College admission Records,2063 B.S). As per college record, currently it has more than 1300 students studying at different levels. The college was established to serve the-expectations of the stakeholders by developing and supplying the academic excellence required for nation to serve in different schools, colleges, and education administration.

Our regular efforts have developed the college to foster social harmony, economic growth, to create the access of higher education in the northern part of Kathmandu i.e. Tarakeshwor Municipality serving the students coming from different locations in Nepal. Recently, the college has shifted some of its academic programs from Nepal Rastriya Secondary School building to its own building. In this regard, the college has purchased own land; partially completed the physical infrastructure; and has begun serving students from new building.

  1. R. College incorporates the philosophy of “Quality education in affordable price”, focusing on student success and alignment of the college with research and teaching missions to advance the economic and social development of our community. The academic glory of college is directly based on experiential learning, faculty grants, smooth operation, students and teachers endeavor.

Our Motto

“Quality education in affordable price.”

Our Vision

The college is committed to being a leading model institution enabling its students critical thinking and problem solving skills to  contribute to their communities, nation and the world.

Our Mission

The mission of the college is to access higher education ensuring research based, students oriented and behavioral personality development with extra-curricular activities.


The policy of N.R. College is imparting quality education to local people of Kathmandu and neighboring districts by operating multi faculties with well-equipped infrastructure as well as physical facilities dedicated to provide people with various services (health awareness, environment awareness, human right awareness, non-violence, social changes, etc)