NR College, Nepaltar, Kathmandu
Master of Business Studies (MBS Four Semesters)


  1. NR College Management faculty (MBS Four Semesters )

The objective of this college is to provide the degree in Master of Business Studies (MBS) to  enable the students to work as competent level of multi-professionals  in various organizations, particularly in the areas of management in which students will be able to handle as a manager in business, Industry, government and nongovernmental sectors, Banks, Stock Markets within and outside the country, students will be proficient in such areas like accounting, marketing, finance and general management.  The MBS program in NR college specifically aims to:

Enable the students with required conceptual and theoretical knowledge of Business and Management by dedicative professors and lecturers.

Objectives of the programme

  1. Produce bona fide Managers in the areas of Management.
  2. Assist to develop knowledge and skills of business environment in national and international sectors.
  3. Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in the Nepalese society.
  4. Enhance sufficient creative idea to developing their Personal, Professional, and communication skills.
  5. Expand research capability in the students through the approach of field visit in multi-disciplinary sectors.
  6. Energize students for interactive to develop managerial skills.

Admission criteria

The students who want to enroll in MBS course in this college must have successfully completed the BBS program or a bachelor degree on any discipline from Tribhuvan University or from any other university recognized by Tribhuvan University. The following criteria should be followed:

Admission Test

The Faculty of Management (FOM) shall conduct a Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) for the MBS enrollment. Students eligible for MBS program must sit in the CMAT in order to qualify to apply for admission to the campuses offering the MBS program. The FOM shall issue a score-sheet to each student appearing in the CMAT.

Students must submit their application for admission to the campuses along with the score-sheet of CMAT. Campuses shall prepare their admission merit list based on the CMAT score. The applicants must enclose along with application form attested copies of: certificates/testimonials of all examinations passed; equivalence, transfer and character certificates, wherever applicable.

For further information you can contact directly to the college or you can see the TU websites or you can download CMAT form and the model question as well.


Curricular structure

Detail Course structure of Master of Business Studies-MBS (Semester Based)

First Semester

MKT 511: Marketing Management  Credit Hours: 3

ECO 512: Managerial Economics  Credit Hours: 3

MSC 514: Statistical Methods  Credit Hours: 3

MGT 515: Organizational Behavior  Credit Hours: 3

MGT 519: Managerial Communication  Credit Hours: 3

Second Semester

ACC 517: Management Accountancy Credit Hours: 3

FIN 510: Financial Management Credit Hours: 3

MGT 513: Human Resource Management Credit Hours: 3

MGT 518: Business Environment Credit Hours: 3

MSC 517: Production and Operations Management Credit Hours: 3

 Third Semester

ACC 519: Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decisions and Control Credit hours: 3

MGT 524: Entrepreneurship Credit hours: 3

MSC 521: Research Methodology Credit hours: 3

MGT 522: International Business Credit hours: 3

Specialization Course (Any One from Group A)


FIN 687: Financial Derivatives and Market Credit hours: 3

FIN 688: Corporate Finance Credit hours: 3


ACC 685: Corporate Taxation Credit hours: 3

ACC 686: Cost Management Credit hours: 3


MGT 687: Recent Trends in Management Credit hours: 3

MGT 688: Organizational Theory Credit hours: 3


MKT 691: Advertising and Promotion Management Credit hours: 3

MKT 692: Rural Marketing Credit hours: 3


Fourth Semester

MGT 523: Strategic Management

Specialization Courses (Any Two from Group B)


FIN 685: Financial Markets and Institutions Credit hours: 3

FIN 686: International Financial Management Credit hours: 3

FIN 689: Investment Management Credit hours: 3

FIN 690: Insurance: Theory and Practice Credit hours: 3

FIN 691: Commercial Bank Management: Theory and Practice Credit hours: 3


MKT 685: Consumer Behavior Credit hours: 3

MKT 686: International Marketing Credit hours: 3

MKT 687: Brand Management Credit hours: 3

MKT 688: Sales Management Credit hours: 3

MKT 689: Retail Management Credit hours: 3

MKT 690: Services Marketing Credit hours: 3


ACC 687: Contemporary Auditing Credit hours: 3

ACC 688: Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting Credit hours: 3

ACC 689: Management Control Systems Credit hours: 3

ACC 690: Balance Scorecard: A Tool for Performance Measurement Credit hours: 3


MGT 685: Organizational Development and Change Credit hours: 3

MGT 686: Quality Management Credit hours: 3

MGT 689: Performance Management Credit hours: 3

MGT 690: Leadership and Communication Credit hours: 3

MGT 525: Dissertation


This course (MBS) is to design to enable the student’s career in the field of:

Administrative Assistants and Secretaries

Financial Analysts


Public Accountants

Employment in Multinational Companies


Scholarship arrangement for MBS Program

NR College has been offering scholarships to students who have been able to prove their excellence in academics. The college encourages students to attain progressive academic results by offering them Merit-based Scholarships. Semester topper student will get 50% free in one semester.


Admission to Masters in business studies (MBS) will commence after the publication of CMAT result by TU. Interested students are welcomed to visit the college to receive necessary information regarding the academic programs from our Educational team of Experts from 6 A.M to 10 A.M .