Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

The candidates who wish to get admission in four year B.Ed. programmes  is open to all who have completed their PCL or Higher Secondary education degree with Average grade point (CGPA)  2.01 above (grade C+).

Students who are interested in 4 years B.Ed. have to study different subjects such as English, Nepali, Health and Physical, Mathematics, Population education. The B.Ed. programme is open to all(both educational and non-educational background) who have completed their PCL or Higher Secondary Education degree in any area of specialization they want to get admission.


Course Features in 4years B.Ed.

Communication Skills: 200 marks
Core Course: 500 marks 
Major Course: 1000 marks
Minor Course: 500 marks
Total marks: 2200 marks
Total Subjects: 22


General Instructional Techniques

  • Lectures with the use of multi-media projector
  • Demonstration and drills
  • Explanation
  • Group discussions and presentations
  • Role play
  • Guest speeches
  • Reviews of research papers
  • Library visits
  • Group and Individual Assignments
  • Question-answer, brain storming
  • Field work


Evaluation Policy

The evaluation policy is different across the different subjects. For B.Ed., students have to appear final exams conducted by the Controller of Examinations. Considering the nature of subjects, they also take practical exams. Students are also evaluated on the basis of assignments, internal assessment, project work and presentation.

Academic Program



Compulsory Subject Major Subject Minor Subject Total marks i
  • First Year


1.Nep. 401 Nepali

2.Eng.411General English

3.Ed. 412 Foundation of Education


 Major 416

Major 416


Minor 418


  • Second Year


1.Ed.421Educational Psychology Major 422

Major 423

Major 424


Minor 428

Minor 429



  • Third Year



1.Ed.431 Curriculum and Evaluation Major 432

Major 433

Major 434


Major 438/39


  • Fourth  Year


1.Ed. 440

Teaching Practice

2.Ed.442 Classroom Instruction

Major 445

Major 446


Minor 449 500
During the 4YRS 1.Communication Skills: 200 marks

2.Core Course: 500 marks

Total: 700


Major Course: 1000 Marks Minor Course: 500 Marks Total :2200 marks